I received Carlota today. My mom was visiting and I was holding my son, so she opened the box. It was a very endearing to open the box and find this little person sitting there so calmly holding onto her blankie! My son (the dolly is not for him) loves her. He just broke into smiles and grabbed her and brought her close! I can't wait to give her to my husband's God child for Christmas! 

These dolls are so adorable! I love having a little replica of my baby girl, to put on her shelf. I dressed our doll in the outfit that my daughter came home from the hospital in. It's a great keepsake to see how little she once was.....
R. Brown
US Army
Welcome to
Karens Kottage
Yesterday the dolls arrived. They are really sweet..Their heads are much bigger than I imagined, making them more life like and cuddly. They were clinging on to their "blankies" for dear life. They must have been terrified on the plane! I have been re-assuring them that they won't be traveling like that again! You now have two babies in England and they have a home for life. I love them to bits. Thank you and best wishes for the new year.
Hosham, West Sussex
United Kingdom
I wanted to email you and thank you on behalf of my Mom for the wonderful doll. She absolutely loves it and was amazed by the craftsmanship and heart that went into making it! I wasn't expecting the doll to be that size-so life like!! I love it!!
Thanks again for the terrific job! I will recommend you to folks and I plan on doing business with you again soon!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding job that you did making my doll. You went all out in making it just how I wanted it and I think it is a beautiful doll - one that I couldn't have got anywhere else! I thank you again for taking my request after the deadline and really going the extra mile to get it done for Christmas. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. What a wonderful talent you have!

Hi Karen,
I have received Hisa and she BEAUTIFUL! Wow, you are very talented. What an excellent product. I will be back for more of them. My friend was here when I got her and she collects dolls as well. She said soon as her finances are together, you will have her business as well! 
Kansas City, Mo

and again with her 2nd order:

Hi Karen,
Emma and Michelle have arrived and they are Beautiful! Thank you so much. You did a Wonderful Job!
I can't wit to order again,
Thanks again,
Kansas City, MO
Dear Karen:
Received Emmie today and many thanks! She is darling and I know my sweet Emma will be thrilled on Christmas morning! 
Columbus, Ohio
Dear Karen,
The dolls arrived on Monday but because today is a feast day, they remained in the box until now. We are very pleased with them. Juji is just as sweet as the picture and Jamila turned out perfectly. Her face with her freckles is so cute. My eldest daughter would like to say: Thankyou for the dolls, they are very cute. I hadn't imagined that Jamila would be so beautiful. My youngest daughter would like to say: Juji is very cute. You make very beautiful dolls, 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thank you Karen for my darling doll!! I just adore her! You made such a beautiful doll! Thank you and I'm sure I will be ordering again!

and again with her 2nd order:

Hi Karen
 Dakota arrived here safely this morning and she has been a hit already! My little Emily has been playing with both of the dolls all morning. Dakota is darling! Thank you!
Have a beautiful and blessed day!

and her 3rd order:

Hi, how are you? I recieved my little Michael doll and I LOVE him! He has had millions of cuddles since he has arrived home and millions more to come! Thank you for another wonderful doll!
Hugs, Mary
Goodmorning Karen,
Just a quick note to tell you that she has arrived safely. I LOVE HER!!! She is even more beautiful than I expected her to be. She is really gorgeous!!! Even my 14-year-old son thinks she is cool! 
We wish you all the best from Luxembourg,
Hi Karen,
I want to thank you so much for creating the Anita Luna doll. I received her on February 18, and what a doll she is! You did an excellent job, especially her French braids. I lover her outfit - the dress teh the added touch of the buttons on the back and her shoes - and her face is real cute, too. I love her! 
I know my mother is going to go crazy over her, too. I'm anxious to take it to her in April. Thank you again for doing such a great job. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. 
Hi Karen,
Just wanted you to know that Sophie the girl, looked right into Sophie the doll's face, mesmerized, and reached for her nose. My sister LOVED the Beagle PJ's. 
Again, I'd like to thank you for putting so much love in the dolls. It shows! When I brought her to work and pulled her out of the box, all you could here were sudden in-breaths and oohs an and ahhs...
Merry Christmas,
and again with her 2nd order:

I just wanted you to know Kailyn loves her doll! She carries it everywhere, sings to it, reads to it, in their own language, of course! 
Thanks again,
I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you!
The package arrived today, when I opened it, the first thing I pulled out was one of the babies... I couldn't help but take her out and snuggle with her for a minute..she's so cute. I also thought the paintings were absolutely beautiful, the colors were so vibrant, I love the hues of blue in the paintings! I cannot forget to mention the cat tent..That is so ingenuitive!!
Big hugs and thanks!!
North Carolina
Hi Karen,
Just got Mya a couple days ago and wanted to let you know how happy I am with her. She is so cute. My daughter is going to love her. I can't wait to see her face when she opens her on her birthday she will be sooo happy. Thank you so much for helping me and being so nice. 

 I received Shania today. She is beautiful! I have a question for you...how do you ever part with them?

Hi Karen,
My apologies for not writing to you sooner, but I do want to thank you so much for creating the Anita Luna doll.

I received her on February 18, and what a doll she is!  You did an excellent job, especially her French braids.  I love her outfit—the dress with the added touch of the buttons on the back and her shoes—and her face is real cute, too. I love her!  

I know my mother will is going to go crazy over her, too.  I’m anxious to take it to her in April. Thank you again for doing such a great job.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Regards and God Bless,
Oh Karen, "Emily" is beautiful!!! You have the shunt PERFECT!!!! The mailman was delivering her just as I was pulling out of the drive and so, of course, I had to grab the box and take it with us. We were on our way to a friend's house for playgroup, so we waited until we got there to open the box. I want you to know that i sat there and cried and couldn't control myself when I saw the doll. Emily LOVED her and kept pulling up her hair and her dress to check out her scars. You have so much talent to be able to create such a perfect doll with only a few descriptions from me and pictures. My friends at the playgroup just sat there amazed at how perfect you have the shunt. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful thing for my sweet daughter. I do hope that you are willing to continue to create these shunt dolls for other children. They are so special!
Thanks again,

Naysa arrived yesterday! She is absolutely perfect. She arrived while Becca was napping...And I felt like a little girl...I had to open her. I am glad I did this while Becca was asleep, because I cried like a baby upon meeting her. She is beautiful, and everything is just right _ right down to the eye color. You did a brilliant job. I admire you talent. A gift from God you are. 

Becca was so very excited!!! She looked over every square inch of Naysa and found her to match herself - belly scars and all! She has pointed out the matching scars and shunt to everyone she has introduced her to thus far. And the "starry, moony,sunny" dress is a hit, too! Last night she removed her shoes and socks and cuddled her all night.. that was after a wagon ride to the park and story time with her yesterday afternoon! I cannot put into words the joy I feel seeing Becca with her new doll, Naysa. Theirs will definitely be a lasting friendship for years to come. 

Thank you so very much, from our hearts to yours. The pictures will on the way this week. Feel free to use what is said here or the pictures in any way you see fit to promote your outstanding work. 
With Love and Thankfulness,
Kathleen and Becca

Hi Karen,
The long-awaited surprises arrived! Finally! Thank you very much! They're both very beautiful, and the little girl has been holding both dolls, hugging and cuddling with them. They're her babies. 
You can be sure they will be very much loved. 
As this year draws to a close, we'd like to wish you and your family a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2006!
Best Regards

Hello. We received the doll Friday. You did a great job. Her finger looks just like Marissa's finger. I was wondering if you would mind if I share your website with the limb clinic. Let me know what you think. 

I'm honored to make such special dolls and very willing to take more orders for them!
Thank you for sharing my website info with the limb clinic :o)
Hi Karen,
I received Matthew and Emily the other day. Thank you so much! They are so beautiful. I love their red cheeks!!! and cute outfits. Thank Hollie for letting me borrow hers for Emily. Now my house will be excellent advertising for you now that I have 5 dolls. I'm sure I'll be back in the future and I'll send lots of interested patrons your way. Thank you again,

Hi. Just opened the dolls and I had to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with them. They really are more precious than I had ever imagined. It is clear that you love your work and take great pride in each of your creations. They will surely be a most special addition to your christmas morning.
Thank you,

Hello Karen,
I just wanted to let you know that Katelyn arrived safely yesterday afternoon. She is just darling and I love her! Thank you so much! Take care and God Bless.
I also received a thank you for Christiana two years ago for a doll named Rose :o)

I received my little Sofia today, and I wanted to email you and tell you that I have never been more pleasantly surprised in my life!  She is the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen!  The quality is unbelievable and the clothes and adorable!!!!!  I have many little girls in my life, so I will definitely be ordering again soon.  I just absolutely LOVE her and can't wait to give her to this special little girl.  I couldn't be more proud to give her this as a gift!
This is funny....I was telling my mom about how cute she was, and the quality was amazing....I also told her that I was going to make her a little blanket to go with her, but that the quality of your products were SO good that my sewing could never compare.  Do you sew all your own clothes?  Also, do you make the dolls yourself?  You should be VERY proud of them.  I will tell lots of people about them!!!!!  Thank you SO much for such a great gift!


 Autumn Grace is perfect.  Thank you so much.  We received her yesterday.  We could tell that Madelynn is going to enjoy playing with her.  She started touching her right away.  Thank you for making Autumn Grace especially for us.  I’m sure we will be contacting you in the future.
Thanks again.

 I received the doll a few days ago. She is absolutely gorgeous! I almost want to keep her for myself. LOL! The design of the dress and glasses are a perfect fit. She is more than I expected! I can tell you make your dolls out of love. I can't wait to give it to my friend. I plan to be in touch soon. 
 Thanks again! You are wonderful!
Best,      Kopen   

hello i received my doll yesterday it looks great thankyou. have a nice christmas.
New Jersey

I love the dolls!  I am sending them to my cousin's this weekend along with their pictures.
Thank you again 

Good morning.

Just got a minute to really look at the dolls without kids in the house (we've been away and on the run, driving back and forth across the state; John had to fly out to Seattle for his cousin's memorial service) and 

THEY ARE WONDERFUL! They are fantastic. You did such a great job. . .

Leigh's doll is perfect. She'll love it! And the hair is just right; she'll like the soft texture, the color is perfect and she always trims her bang short pretty much just like her doll's.  And she'll love the dress; you outdid yourself. Thanks so much. Alas, I'm only good for drawstring sweatpants but I can teach Leigh and TieTie how to make some simple clothes and things for their dolls. Like blankets and pillows. . . .to start. :-)

Some day these wonderful little people will be out of their box and out in the world, probably tied to the front baskets of bicycles. Hang on dears!! And keep smiling.
Thank you so much.
And again for a 3rd doll:
Sorry it took me so long to reply. He came, and he is just as wonderful as the other two. I hope your husband is feeling all better, and so many thanks for making the little kids!

Gotta go. At least one of the kids can read. . .very very well! 
So many thanks again,


What Satisfied Customers Say About
Karens Kids and Karens Kids Special Angel Dolls
Hi Karen,
I am SO sorry that I havent emailed you about Lindsey's doll.  We have been so busy and it just occurred to me last night that I hadnt contacted you yet. 
Anyways....WE LOVE IT....and SO DOES LINDSEY!!! :)  You did such an awesome job!!  The scars and leg turned out awesome and the doll is absolutely adorable!!  Thank you so much for the extra outfit and shoes...that was so sweet of you.  Also thank you for the adorable nightie and Santa slippers! How cute!
Delivering the doll was so much fun.  I delivered it on Saturday...which just so happened to be the day Lindsey was coming home from the hospital.  As it turned out, she got home and settled onto the couch, just a few minutes before I got there.  Her parents had not told her about the doll so she was very surprised.  Her expressions of joy were so priceless as I showed her how the dolls leg came on and off.  She was grinning ear to ear...eyes as bright as can be and sort of shaking with happiness!  The moment was one that I'll never forget!  Thank you so much for making Lindsey's special doll!! 
Oh, and Mariah opened up her shunt doll this morning.  She thought it was so cool!! She was examining the scar...the tubing ...the shunt...the birthmark...she was so impressed with your special creation!  Thanks again for all of the work you did to create these 2 special dolls.  I will send you some pics when I get them downloaded.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 
May God Bless You Always!

I just wanted to say that she is an absolutely lovely doll, coming from a multicultural family I'm really impressed with your keen eye for biracial skin tones. I'm 19 and a big kid I just can't stop holding her and changing her wonderful outfits. I love the chubby look :) loads of love went into this doll I can tell, thanx xoxo
Karen:  Shayla's precious Eva, Giver of Life, arrived and she is beyond my hopes.  She is beautiful and I can just see and feel the love that went in to her making.  You have a special gift in your work.  I'm blessed that my sister kept saying "go back to that pink web page and we need to look closely."  And we did after 3 hours of web searching and there Eva was----just waiting for us to get her for Shayla.  Karen, thank you.  I will look at her for the next almost 2 months and get more excited when Shayla sees her first, most precious, baby doll.  As you can see I could go on and on.  Need to get to work. 
Blessings to you and all you do to bring so much joy and love to so many.
Hi Karen,
You probably think I dropped off the face of the earth because I didn't email you back regarding Amber's doll...........long story short...I was in the hospital for 10 days and was diagnose with colon cancer of all things--I'm 37 yrs old!  That is why I didn't email you back.  I am glad that you selected the yarn hair so we could feel the "shunt".  I and Amber absolutely LOVE the doll!!!!!!!  I have showed  it to everyone I have had a chance too!!  I am going to the hydro conference in june utah and have made some friends with kids with hydro----so expect some orders!!!  Thank you so  so much for giving me such a wonderful gift to give my daughter!!
WIth great appreciation,
Pam ---Amber's mom
ps--will send a pictue soon
Many prayers for a speedy recovery Pam :o)
Hi Karen, good morning,

Shanella’s ballerina doll arrived yesterday and I love her. She is so cute! 
Shanella will be very excited. Unfortunately I had to put her back in the box till Christmas.
I will make a picture of the two of them after the holidays.
Thank you and have a nice day!!!

Thanks Karen! The doll arrived yesterday (our mail was running very 
late). She is adorable, I will be sure to send your website on to others 
I know.
Hi Karen,
We received the doll just fine.  Thank you so much.  It will be perfect.  I can't wait to give it to her.  Do you have special cleaning instructions?

Note about cleaning your dolls: The safest and fatest way to clean the dolls is with a baby wipe!! 
Just wipe down like you would a child :o)
HI Karen. I have to say THANK YOU. I was speechless upon opening my order. She is beautiful... I cried, my mom cried and my aunt cried when I showed h er to them.  It was wonderful. the only this is that miracle has a full brace that goes under her feet as well. but she is beautiful. WE will take very good care of her forever. I will send you pictures to put on your website after Christmas.. the scars were so meticulously done..  Thanks you so much . and you and your family have a very very merry christmas or happy holiday..
Note about leg braces...Michele's letter brought to my attention that some leg braces fit around the foot, others don't.  I learn so much from my customers! Thank you for all the info I receive from all of you ordering Special Angel doll's. Your input for special requests are very much appreciated!
I now offer either style leg brace. If you are ordering a doll with braces, please let me know which type of brace you prefer. 

Tiley arrived today and she is simply beautiful.  My husband is shipping her out to Indigo tomorrow.  I know she will fall in love with her as soon as she sees her.  I will be ordering some more outfits for her soon.  You are a true artist.
I received the dolls yesterday!  They are awesome!!!  The reborns are so pretty and the cloth dolls are just adorable!  My favorite is the 21 inch doll for my daughter Emma.  It so reminds me of a doll version of her.  I love the bear outfit you put on her also.  Thanks so much for your hard work.  I look forward to giving these dolls as gifts!  If you need any pics for your site of happy customers, I will forward you some of Chloe and her birthday this week getting her lil thema doll!

Hi Karen,
Lexie (and her little sister, mom and dad) all loved the doll.  Unfortunately I wasn't there when she opened it but I visited with the girls shortly afterwards and her younger sister who is 21 months pulled up the doll's dress to show me her tummy.  I'll be putting in order in for her closer to her birthday and likely another next year, as a mutual friend who is pregnant with a little girl (Mexican mother/caucasian father) told me she's hoping they'll be one for little Shayla!  Your site was such a great find.  As a librarian, I tend to think I'm pretty adept at finding things.  You are the only one I have found that has appropriate age dolls that are affordable and top quality for biracial children, never mind the fact that you can replicate conditions unique to special children.  Naturally, I hope the doll is Lexie's favorite, but even if it is not, I'm hopeful it will help in her healing and understanding and also be a way for her to explain her scars and condition to other children as she grows up.  Lexie's mom, Kim, (who literally said she's "obsessed with doll") asked me if you sent any business cards with the doll because she would like to bring the doll and cards to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where Lexie had the transplant.  If you did, I accidently  throw them out with the box, so if you have a stack you would like to send me I'll be happy to pass them out.  I live in a really racially and ethnically diverse area and can think of some other acquiantances who would likely be interested, so feel free to send a good amount. 
btw - Lexie is doing great since the transplant- she has really shot up in height and is continuously adding new words to her vocabularly - like purple and backpack!  She's such a brave and an amazing little girl and her family is such a beautiful testament of what love and faith mean and can do.  
Thanks again,
God Bless,

Hi Karen, 
The surprise of Shiloh's doll was beautiful.  She named her Lucy and has loved her tenderly all this last week.  Thank you for the extra effort to get the doll to us on time!

Hi Karen,
Julia’s Dad and I just returned from a weekend fishing trip in Maine.  About 10 minutes after he left for his NJ home, we received a call from a very excited and happy little girl thanking us so much for her beautiful doll.  Thank you for the pictures, the doll is wonderful and just what we wanted.
New Jersey

I received the doll in fine shape. She is so beautiful! Thank you for fast shipping.


Angel arrived at our house yesterday, and she is exactly what I was hoping to find for our newest grand-daughter!  Thank you!

Hi Karen, sorry it took so long, Ive just been soooo busy since Athenas birthday with work and school, but she loves little Athena, and so do we! You really did a great job, I look forward to making more purchases in the future and already have recommended your website to friends who were interested. Thank you again!


Sadie arrived yesterday.  She is ADORABLE!!!  I am so pleased.  I couldn't bear to put her back in the box.  She's snuggled safely in my closet until Christmas. 

Thank you!   

Really looking forward to meeting the rest of the girls!
and the rest of the girls:


The "girls" arrived yesterday.  They are BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you SOOO much.  I could not be happier. 

Can't wait to "meet" the other two.

Hi Karen
Ava arrived here today and OH MY GOSH what a beautiful and cute doll. I can tell that you 
put your heart in to making her and i can tell that you do the same with all of your other 
dolls that i have seen on your website. I absolutely love Ava. All of your dolls are beautiful. 
once again thank you and i will be back in the future.
 Many Blessings to you

We got Madelyn's doll on Monday and she loves it. I know it is for her birthday but I had to show her. I have showed her off to all who comes over. Yesterday one of Madelyn's therapist was at the house so I showed her and she took down your informationto put in her monthly news letter to all the parents so they can go to your site and I hope request a doll. You do a wonderful job and as soon as I get Madelyn;s picture done with her doll I will send you some and you can put it on your site if you like too. Thanks again for a job well done
North Carolina

Hey Karen!
I have been meaning to track you down for quite a while.  I wanted to thank you again for creating Annabelle for our movie.  I noticed on your website that you have taken pride in our show.  I was really proud of how the movie turned out and hope that you are ok with how your doll was used.  
I will never forget your response when I first introduced myself on the phone.  I know getting a call out of the blue like that can be a bit shocking, but you never know who is looking around your website!!
I am currently working on a show called "Pushing Daisies" on ABC.  I hope you can watch and I feel certain I will need your help on it some day!
All my best and thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship, schedule flexiblilty and understanding about our specific needs and quick turn around times!  
Jeffrey Johnson, Prop Master
"Gone, Baby, Gone"

Just wanted to let you know we got "Katara" and she is beautiful!!!! Katara will absolutely love her!!!! I teach first grade and I'm taking her to school next week to show all the teachers. I'm sure you'll get some requests:) I can't wait to give her to our daughter tomorrow! She will be her new favorite!!! Thanks again for all the care and love you put into her. 

Miss Karen, 
I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the doll you made for my great-niece is.  I delivered her to the hospital in a basket lined with pink tissue paper, a bow and balloons attached. Everyone commented on how beautiful she was. And my niece absolutely loved it, much better than flowers.  
I have to say I was surprised at her size at first, not the height but the overall width, I guess I was expecting a thicker and plumper doll.  
However, I love  her, she is absolutely PERFECT for a 'lil girl's first doll.  
Hannah's first doll is so special and it's all because of you and your talent.  The outfit you made her couldn't have been more perfect.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 
With a grateful heart, 

Dear Karen,
Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful "Trinity" doll -- she's adorable and our daughter absolutely LOVES her.  We also received "Lily" (shipped to Mark Hawver, our daughter's uncle) and there's not doubt at all that these two dolls were her favorite Christmas gifts.  We were all impressed with the quality of the dolls and are hoping you'll keep up the great work!  The additional outfits are darling as well.  Thanks for making our daughter's Christmas extra special!
Sending Blessings to you also for 2008 & always!  Hope your Christmas was magical too.
Julia & Frederic V
Little Neck, NY

Dear Karen,

This past weekend my granddaughter received the doll that I purchased from you.  She is beautiful.  Everyone commented on how cute she is and my daughter-in-law was so happy for her daughter to get something made in the USA with no lead issues.  The clothing that I bought separately was wonderful as well.
Thank you for making such beautiful dolls available.

I received my order today. The doll came alot faster than I expected.She is even more beautiful than I imagined.I can't wait until my baby sees her new baby for Christmas. ThanYou.You do wonderful work your truly gifted. 

Dear Karen
Thank you for pulling out all the stops to get this to us for Christmas Day. Actually what happened was because we had so much snow and were snowed in much of the time, my husband checked the mail twice on Dec. 24, and then did not realize that mail and the package were delivered LATE in the day. So Daniel, Lyn and Emily went home the next day and THEN we found the package. However, we mailed it to them in the same box and Daniel made a video for me of Emily opening the package. It was so precious. The video is too big to e-mail but they put it on facebook so I could see.
You could just see her little hands anxiously waiting to reach out and get the doll out of the package. She immediately hugged it and then walked over to her Mommy to share the doll with her. Later that day she insisted that Little Emily had to sit beside her in the shopping cart. She frequently touches little Emily’s pigtails and then touches her hair. When she was visiting us before Christmas she would follow me into the bathroom when I was doing my hair and wanted me to set her on the counter and do her hair into pigtails. So the choice of hair was perfect.
I have asked Daniel and Lyn to send a photo of Emily with her doll to sent on to you, but they are waiting until they have Emily’s hair done up in pigtails. So in due course you will have the photo. In the meantime, I just want you to know how grateful I am to you  and how DELIGHTED I am with the doll. She is perfect, as I knew she would be. 
A Highly Satisfied Customer!! 

Hi Karen, You made the doll of Scarlett so beautifully, Little Scarlett absolutely adores it! Thank you so much for all the work you put into it, It will be cherished her whole lifetime :)
I included a picture for you to have :)
Thanks again! Erin

Hello Karen,

  I received the doll yesterday. It is soooooo cute. The little girl loved it!!! Of course her little brother promptly snatched it away and threw it into the sink so I had to rescue it. Little boys little boys. Thanks again and I will me making another order in a bit for my cousin. Happy Independence Day!!!
Military APO 

I recieved the doll yesterday and did not get a chance to e-mail you.  I love it, it is so cute. Friday I will be ordering another one, just in his camos instead of dress greens.  Do you need another picture?  This one is for me.  Again thank you so much, I really love him, my son thinks its a little weird, but then again hes not a mom.  Talk to you soon
This was a custom made order for a military doll dressed in Army Greens.. He turned out really cute! You can see a picture of him on the custom doll picture page.
I received the beautiful doll yesterday! Thank you so much for all the love and care you put into her. My youngest daughter almost cried as she looked through the box. I cannot wait until Mecaden and her parents open this gift on Christmas morning. I will get a picture and let you know what they think. And I love the pocket that you put on the back of the outfits so that Mecaden can place the battery pack in that herself. The clothes are beautiful also. It is wonderful. I hope you and John and your son have a wonderful Christmas!!!

North Carolina

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that we recieved Gracie's doll and she is beautiful and amazing ! all the scars are exactly like grace and thank you so much, God Bless, 
Hi Karen, just letting you know the doll arrived yesterday, Feb 17, I will
bring her to Ruby this afternoon.  You did such a nice job - she is
wonderful.  :)  :)
Thank you sooooo much - the doll is beautiful and I LOVE it!!!
I can't wait to give it to Bekah.  You do such amazing work and I'm going to show it to EVERYONE at the hospital.  
I'll email you after I give it to her and send you pictures.

I can't believe I forgot to specifically thank you for the adorable Westie gown - I was almost in tears when I saw it!  It's adorable and, as I keep saying, I can't WAIT to give it to Bekah.  I'm definitely bringing a camera to the preop so you can see her reaction.
Take care!

Dear Karen
 We would like to extend our gratitude to you for all your kindness, and hardwork and determination to get the "Old Papa" Doll here in time for Christmas.  I would like to let you know that he did indeed arrive and we absolutely love him.  I can not wait to see the look on my daughters faces when they open him up on Christmas Day.  Words can not express how much I truely appreciate everything you have done.  You are a true blessing and we wish a very merry christmas.  
Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. 
Celinea requested a custom made doll to look like her Grampa for one of her daughters for Christmas. 
A picture of "Old Papa" can be seen on the custom doll picture page

Thank you so much for the great doll she is beautiful my daughter is going to flip when she  sees her you did a great job and thank you so much for getting it done before her birthday i'll recommend you to my friends 
       Kathy arrived safely and is adorable! Thanks for everything.
Joy and Peace.
Love the Earth. There's only one :) 
I love my doll. thank you!!
I  just wanted to let you know that I received Julia and think she is just beautiful. Thanks
Hi Karen - 
We received Lil Sara today and she is just lovely!!!!  I am thrilled with her and I know my daughter will be too.  The details in her are just amazing.  Thank you so much.  I don't know how I won't give her to my girl before Christmas!

Thank you for the work I received it today, and it looks great thanks.
the doll is amazing!!!! she is beyond what i expected an my daughter loves her as do i lol. i sent you a pic of her with the doll an the likeness is amazingly alike. thanks soo much.

Hi Karen,
I just want to let you know that I absolutely fell in love with Jobe Jr. as soon I opened the box. You did such a wonderful job. Thank you so much! He is adorable. The whole experience was a pleasure!

Dear Karen,
We LOVE Lucy!  We received her on Tuesday, and gave her to my daughter on Wed. (2 year birthday). It was the last of several gifts she opened, and the only one she really "responded" to immediately - as soon as she was out of the packaging, my daughter gave her a huge hug and smile, and wouldn't put her down!  She loves playing with and hugging Lucy.  
My grandmother used to buy me a soft doll every year for my birthday, so I wanted to find a special one for my daughter.  I've spent so much time looking for handmade "soft" dolls such as yours - why are they so difficult to find?  The doll is beautifully made - thank you for your wonderful work, as well as great service (changing my address, quick shipping, etc.).  I'll forward your site to other mom friends, and to my mother (who trains dogs to service/support individuals with special needs).  
By the way, how often are new dolls added to the site?
Thanks again, we are very happy to have found you and you "kids".

Thank you to all my customers who take the time to write me such nice letters about their orders... You all add sunshine to my soul :o)

I've divided all the feedback up by product category. You can read feedback about the items you are interested in by following the links below.. 
Have a GREAT day!

Dear Karen,
Received the doll, and she is just darling. I will be mailing her to little Megan tomorrow. Thank-you for what you do. After I hear from Megan's family, I will let you know what they thought of her. Can't believe what a great job you did on the brace. It is a really good facsimile. Hope all is well with you.
Kathie F
And follow up letter below:

Dear Karen,
Just wanted to let you know the reaction of little Megan when she received the doll with her scoliosis brace. It was instant love, and now the doll goes everywhere with her. When she takes off her brace in the morning, she also takes of the doll's brace too. Her Mom and Dad were thrilled with the doll, and I told them that I would let you know how pleased they all were. So again, thank-you for doing such a super job. I guess you must be one of God's angels!

Best of luck to you with your business.

Kathleen F

Hello Karen,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with all three of the dolls I ordered.  I couldn't have asked for more.  The clothes you had them all dressed in were perfect.  It was as if you have known us for years.  My Mom and Mother in Law just loved them.  I loved the dolls so much, that I will be back to get some made of my three babies.  Believe me when I say I will be a returning customer.  You are so talented!! Thank you so much for your hard work, it sure does show in the work of your dolls.  Have a great day!

Hi Karen,
Last fall we purchased the doll "Lucy" and absolutely love her.  I keep checking the site for new dolls (it looks like new ones are scheduled to be posted, but I haven't seen any).  Have new ones been posted and I'm looking in the wrong spot, or can you tell me when new ones are expected to be shown?
Hope you are well.
Anne R

I try to add new dolls every spring and fall, but sometimes my orders keep me too busy to add ready made dolls.. 
But I will continue to add dolls as often as I possibly can :o)

I have wanted to send this e-mail since I opened the box! Just wanted to let you know that I received the doll you made for my precious baby on Thursday the 27th.  She is beautiful!!!  Just what I imagined she would be!  Thank you so much!!!  And you really eased my mind with the fast delivery!  I really did want to take her with me on this trip to see Baby Reya.

Reya is 4 lbs 4 ozs and doing very well.  Nobody will send me pictures so I am going to see for myself!  hee hee  She probably won't be home till I go next time (the end of September - she was due September 24th), hopefully she'll be home then.
Again, thank you so much for all the hard work you must have put into this doll - she is beautiful!  I will be a return customer - definitely!!!
Take care -
Peggy P


Thank you so much for the doll you made for my daughter. She turned 2 on Saturday and she loves her doll. 

She has lots of stuffed animals and loves them all but the few dolls her grandmother bought for her she never liked. 

I was worried about the cost and how she would react to this doll (I think I would have been disappointed if she didn’t like her) but, she was so happy to pull her out of the box. 

I am so happy with my purchase. The doll is so soft, perfect for her age and so adorable. The pink dress you made is adorable. I am holding the other clothes for a Christmas gift for her and I found matching bunny pj’s for both the doll and my daughter. She will love that.

Once again, thank you so much!


If I have time, I will send you a picture of my daughter and her new Sophia doll.



Hello Karen,
How are you? I am fine. Just wanted to let you know Taylor arrived safely today. She is darling. I love her!
Thank you so much and talk to you soon.

and again below:

Hello Karen,
How are you? I am fine. Just wanted to let you know Annabelle arrived today safe and sound.
She is just darling and I love her! Thank you so much. Take care and God Bless.

Christina has an entire family of Karens Kids! Always a pleasure to hear from you Christina :o)

Hi Karen,
She's beautiful!!  Thank you so much.  Nora will love her.  

I think you made the right decision on the color of the cast.  The pink cast is perfect and the white tape is as well.  As it turns, out -- this week Nora had to have another cast (apparently she'll have another one in another couple of weeks as well ) -- and the doctor let her pick the color.  She picked red!!!  So -- we wouldn't have been able to keep up with her color choices anyway 8-)

It's nice to see how Little Nori looks with and without the cast -- but I bet Nora will want to keep her cast on 8-)

Thank you again for making this little doll so special and for getting her finished early.  I do appreciate it.  I'm going to ask my daughter to take a picture of Nora with Little Nori and will send you a copy.

Have a wonderful evening, and I'll let you know when Nora received Little Nori.

Thanks again for everything.


They came and they are beautiful!
M. Strickland

They came and tThank you much!! I will be sending to a new baby in the family & I know she will LOVE her!! 
 Judy R

Hi Karen
I just wanted to let you know the doll arrived safely the other morning. She is adorable and we think our little girl is really going to love her to bits. We hope to see her face light up on Christmas day with her first dolly!
All the best

Just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU for the custom doll for Leah, she LOVES it! She was so excited to see it was just like her. You do great work. Thanks again, it turned out perfect and was packaged so nice and neat.

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to thank you for our daughter's doll. I am amazed at the quality of "Natalie"-she's beautiful! When our girl saw the little foot was just like hers she was just thrilled!!  Thank you so much for all of your work.

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to thank you for our daughter's doll. I am amazed at the quality of "Natalie"-she's beautiful! When our girl saw the little foot was just like hers she was just thrilled!!  Thank you so much for all of your work.

Hi Karen,

 I just wanted you to know that the doll came yesterday and I could not be more pleased. She is wonderful!  

My daughter Leslye, who is granddaughter Sophia’s mom, has long soft curly black hair that ends well past her waist, and Sophia loves to play with it.  Sophia has hair like her mom (just not long yet) but somewhat almond-shaped eyes like her dad, who is half Asian and half Polish.  I’ve spent many hours searching, but SunHi is absolutely the only doll I’ve seen with long curly hair, Asian eyes, and some color in her complexion. 

I know you are busy with Christmas shipments, but had to tell you how beautiful I think SunHi is, and so very much like Sophia in appearance.  If you’d like, I’ll try to e-mail a picture to you after Christmas of Sophia and SunHi together.  

Best wishes,
Constance S. T.

Hi Karen,

 I just wanted you to know that the doll came yesterday and I could not be more pleased. She is wonderful!  

My daughter Leslye, who is granddaughter Sophia’s mom, has long soft curly black hair that ends well past her waist, and Sophia loves to play with it.  Sophia has hair like her mom (just not long yet) but somewhat almond-shaped eyes like her dad, who is half Asian and half Polish.  I’ve spent many hours searching, but SunHi is absolutely the only doll I’ve seen with long curly hair, Asian eyes, and some color in her complexion. 

I know you are busy with Christmas shipments, but had to tell you how beautiful I think SunHi is, and so very much like Sophia in appearance.  If you’d like, I’ll try to e-mail a picture to you after Christmas of Sophia and SunHi together.  

Best wishes,
Constance S. T.

 I received the doll today, she is beautiful!  I can’t wait for my daughter to find her Christmas morning.  I found a perfect Moses basket to put her in.

Thank you so much!


Hello,  I am just sending an email in reference to the doll I just received for my daughter.  The Rian Doll is simply magnificent and I wanted to tell you that she loves it and I love it!  She is so beautiful!  I am so pleased with her that I am going to get my niece one for Christmas.  I have one question for you-Are you able to do freckles around the nose/cheek area?  It is my favorite thing on her!  Thanks so much!  Amber R

Hi Karen
My baby doll arrived today. Thank you so very much,"Jessica" is absolutely beautiful and cute. She is so 
adorable, I am so in love with her. You did a absolute wonderful job on her.  Once again thank you so very
much. I will defiantly be back in the future.
                                          Thank you and Blessings
                                           Jessica M

I received Lil Rori today and she is beautiful!  Thankyou for the precious doll, your hardwork and artistry!  I am thrilled.  Linda W

Hi Karen! 

I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that VeeBe arrived and we love her! Veronica especially loves the pacifier. I'll send you a picture of them together once Im able to get a good one. Thank you for what you do. You have created something very special that I am sure will be with us forever!

My best to you!