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This is my favorite doll....I made her over 18 years ago. When my youngest granddaughter (Avery) grew out of a newborn outfit I bought for her when she was born,  my daughter gave it to me to dress my doll with ....
She sits on an antique rocking chair my parents gave me.
The two combined are a very special Forever Keepsake!!
Karen Kids make great collector dolls,
 They make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves dolls.
They make a great decorator doll, keepsake dolls or a wonderful doll for a child. 
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Welcome to Karens Kids
Handmade Dolls 
of Every Race
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My name is Karen Challender and I'm the creator of Karens Kids. 
I've been making handmade dolls of every race for over 25 years.  
 My kids are made from a soft craft velour or doe suede fabric that feels like real baby skin.  The kids stand 20" or 16" tall and can wear preemie and newborn sized clothing. For complete info on how the dolls are made, what they're made from, etc, please click here.
Page down to see pictures of a few of the kids and links to pages with all the doll's available.
A "Certificate of Adoption" comes with each 20" doll.
Certificates now come with 16" doll's, too :o)
Karens Kids are also available on my new website: 
Custom made dolls can be ordered to match a child of any race.  They come fully dressed and can be ordered to match a child's hair color, eye color, hair style, etc.  These make a great gift for a child, for a parent or for yourself as a decorator doll.  For more information,
 click here. .
One of the kids is a movie star!! Click here for more info on
 Little Thelma and Friends
Special Angel Kids can be order to match a childs special disability or handicap. Visit my Special Angel Page 
for more info on
Handicapable Dolls.
The color of our skin isn't the color of our hearts....
You can also see Karens Kids on my new doll website: 
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20" Biracial Dolls
20" Caucasian Dolls
20" Native American Dolls
20" Asian Dolls
20" African American Dolls
21" Special Angel Dolls
21" Boy Dolls

Karens Kids are made in America,
with love, not lead!!!
You can also see Sweet Pea Doll Clothes on my new doll clothes website: 
New Doll's Have Been Added!
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20" Latino Dolls
New This Year!
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Sweet Pea Dolls

Sweet Pea Dolls include 18" vinyl doll's, reborn doll's and doll clothes for all your favorites!

Sweet Pea Girls are 18" vinyl doll's much like the popular American Girl Doll's.
These are manufactured vinyl doll's I've customized with qualilty Monique doll wigs in a variety of color's and styles and added a special outfit with each doll.
Sweet Pea Girls are just as nice, at a better price!
Available in light skin with blue eyes, brown eyes or green eyes, medium skin with brown eyes (Asian, Latino or Hawaiian) and dark skin with brown eyes.
There's a Sweet Pea Girl just right for everyone! 
Click on the picture to see all the girls available.  
Sweet Pea Doll Clothes
Handmade, quality, modern, easy on and off doll clothing for all your favorites! Available for American Girl, Bitty Baby, Little Mommy, 20" Karens Kids and 16" Lil Kids (also fit many other cloth body doll's).
Click on the pictures to see them all or visit 
Sweet Pea Doll Clothes to read more about these adorable clothes!
20"  Cloth Doll's like Karens Kids
14" soft body doll's like 
Little Mommy by Fischer Price
18" vinyl doll's like
American Girl Doll's
15" soft body doll's like Bitty Baby
16" cloth doll's like Karens Lil Kids
New Karens Kids are available. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to doll pages.