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This is our goofy 10 year old, Tomi, doing what he does best....napping..
We just added a new member to our family..."BEAR"...
He's a beautiful, loving, 7 year old dog we adopted from our local animal shelter..
If you're considering adding a pet to your home, please consider adoption from your local shelter..
A loving pet needs you!
I've been crazy about cats my entire life. I can't really remember a time in my life when I didn't have a cat...If your a cat lover like me you'll want to check out these cat gifts and accessories. Click on the pictures to be taken to another page with more information on each item, pictures, prices and styles available.
They've been cat approved by Tomi!!  I hope you and your furry companion will like them, too.
Many new items have been added for dogs, too!
Cat Tents
Comfort for your cat, styles to match your decor!  Pet tents in a variety of colors in three sizes!
Your furry friend will love one!! Click on the picture to find out what makes these tents stand above the rest!!
Many new fabric choices have just been added!

Tomi's Friends
Cat dolls for you, your child or your cat!! Tomi loves them, too!! Sculptured faces, glass eyes...these cuddly cats are a great gift idea for any cat lover.

Kozy Kitty Cat Sacks
Kozy, soft fabric sacks for your furry friend to play in, sleep in or just hide in.
Many New Fabric Choices Have Recently Been Added!
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Cat Box Privacy Screen's
Screens to hide your cat box!
Handpainted screens in an array of styles and colors to choose from. 
Great way to hide your cat box. Purrfect gift for any cat lover.
Many style's also work great as a fireplace screen to use when your fireplace is not in use.
April 2010 Update!
Many new styles have just been added!

Tomi taking his afternoon nap.
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New Cat Doll's coming soon!
Cat Lovers Soy Candles
New for 2010
Hand poured, pure soy candles in your choice of cute cat design candle jars and fragrances!
The newest member of our furry family. He was born in the wild, was small enough to fit in my husbands hand and was nothing but skin, bones and fur when my husband found him in our garden meowing "help me"..
He's now a huge, beautiful guy who weighs about 20lbs, and spends his days living up to his name!!