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Karens Kandles has a brand new look and brand new candles!
Great smelling, all natural, hand poured soy candles!
Good for you, good for the environment!

Why soy? 
So many reasons!
I love candles and used to use them all the time, but suddenly I started noticing black soot on my plastic craft containers, on the front of my kitchen cabinets and  I noticed my curtains were looking a little dingy and gray.  I wasn't sure what was causing this problem. We even had our furnace checked out to make sure that wasn't the problem! 
The furnace checked out fine, but the soot problem continued...  Eventually, I realized it was being caused by paraffin candles, the kind people have been using for years, the kind you buy in stores all over the United States! 

I stopped using candles all together, scrubbed away any sign of soot and  decided I would just live without candles..... but I missed them!! 
Candles are calming, spiritual and just plain smell good!  
So I started doing a lot of research on candles and discovered  the benefits of Soy..
Pretty Cottage Decor Soy Candles
First, lets talk about the problems with paraffin candles.. paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum. It's a chemical! As it burns, it releases 11 known toxins into the air we breath. 
including benzene and toluene (carcinogens).
The soot left by paraffin candles also
contains toxins, not to mention the damage left on our walls, ceilings, curtains and cabinets. 
Here's a picture I took of three paraffin candles next to one of my soy candles. 
Notice the black soot at the top of the paraffin candles! I promise, I didn't retouch these jars at all. This is the soot these candles left on the jars as they burned.. Just think what they released into my home!!! 
These candles were not cheap candles.. They were mid priced to rather expensive! Scary!!
Unique Frosted Mason Jars
with Primitive Jar Caps
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Ok! So why is soy so much better?
First, it's a natural product. 
Soy wax is made from soy beans, which is a renewable and sustainable resource, grown by American farmers!!  Buying soy candles is a wonderful way of supporting American jobs and American farmers!
There are no toxins in soy. Soy candles burn very clean and are virtually soot free...  The very small traces of soot found in soy candles comes from the wick, not the soy itself.  The wicks I use are coreless, produce less smoke and carbon buildup and are virtually self trimming. If you look at the picture of the candle comparison, you will see that there is no soot on my candle.. 
Clear Mason Jar Candles
Soy candles have a great scent throw! 
My candles are scented with premium  oils with just the right amount to give a strong scent throw. They'll leave your rooms smelling fresh, clean and homey.  

Coke Candles
Soy candles burn longer and slower than paraffin candles, so they'll last a lot longer.  
Soy is also easy cleanup with hot, soapy water.  You can recycle your candle containers after use by simply washing them!
Pet Lovers Candles
Karens Kandles come in many container styles. Each style comes in a variety of scents.
Soy candles are friendly to our environment! 
Dyes add toxins to candles, so I don't add color to any of my candles. They come in the pure, creamy, natural color of soy.  
Vintage Square Mason Candles
Soy and Paraffin Candle Comparison
Comfort Jar with Rustic Lid
Most candle orders are shipped in 2-4 days, depending on the quanity ordered.. 
Karens Kandles make perfect gifts! 
Treat your friends, your loved ones AND yourself!
Comfort Jar with Glass Lid
Jelly Jar Candles
New! Aroma Beads In Vintage Style Jars
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I offer many different fragrances, the perfect scent for just about everyone!
You can read a description for each scent I offer on the fragrance description page.
Something fun!
Coconut candles that are poured into actual coconut shells! 
Great for tropical theme parties. 
Coconut Shell Candles
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A great way to put out your candle is to dip the flame in the melted pool of soy, then return the wick to an upright position. The great scent of the candle will remain instead of the usual smokey scent you get from blowing out a candle. 
Or simple place the lid on the jar and leave it there until the candle is cool.
An interesting fact!
Many sites claim to "triple scent" their soy candles. The truth is, soy can only absorb so much fragrance, kind of like our body's ability to absorb Vitamin C.. What it can't use, it eliminates! That's the same way fragrance oil works with soy wax.. The excess will either end up on the top of the candle, making it feel greasy, or it will end up at the bottom of the candle, where it could possibly become a fire hazard. 
The truth is, there is a formula all good candle makers use to fragrance their candles and the right amount is the right amount! 
Adding too much oil fragrance doesn't make the candle "throw" any stronger... 
Don't be fooled by misleading advertising!

If you have any questions, please email me at 
karen @ (no spaces)

I've had a lot of emails asking if I'm Karens Kandles from the East Coast that sell gel candles at craft shows.. The answer is no...I'm from Michigan and I'm a web based store only.  
After a lot of research, I chose  soy candles because they are the purist, safest and cleanest candles out there, not to mention buying soy means supporting American farmers!
I choose soy...I hope you will too :o)
Candles are calming, soothing and make a great gift for you, your friends and your loved ones.

Always be sure to use candle safety!
I've added a page of safety suggestions HERE.

To get the best scent throw, let your new candle burn until you have a wet pool of soy evenly on the top. Extinguish the flame, let your candle cool, and from then on, you'll have a great scent throw each time you use it!

New! Aroma Beads In Quilted Jelly Jars
Sold Out
Aroma Beads.
Great candle scents in pretty jars.
Aroma beads are great for anyplace you don't want to burn a candle, like the office, cubical, dorm rooms, lockers, closets, drawers, or anyplace you would normally place an air freshner. Aroma Beads hold their fragrance for up to 6 months! 
Vintage Blue Heritage Jars
Ball is offering canning jars that look like the old fashioned jars everyone is trying to copy with paint! These jars are a limited edition jars in the same pretty blue green color of the old jars. 
These make very pretty candle jars, and once the soy is used, you'll be left with a collectors jar!
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