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Anatomy of a Handmade Cloth Doll
The photo below shows you what a finished doll looks like before it's all dressed up.
The dolls are handmade, which means the main seams are sewn together on a sewing machine, but the neck, arms and legs are attached by hand, which gives them a more natural shape. I use craft velour and doe suede to create a soft as a baby texture for skin.  Finding fabric in all the beautiful skin tones found throughout the world has been a challenge, but I've "hopefully" been able to capture quite a few realistic tones.  You can see examples of the different skin tones HERE.

Each doll has fingers, toes, belly button and knees..  The hair is either made from yarn or new this year, I've been using doll wigs, which I think are really adorable.. It allows me to offer a much larger range of hairdo's and they're a lot of fun to style :o)
New for 2006, the yarn hairdo's have knotted roots so the hair can't be pulled out by little hands and the wigs are securly sewn to the doll's head...

The eyes, mouth and eyebrows are hand embroidered. They have cute little button nose's and rosy cheeks.

The dolls are filled with premium polyester fiberfill which is also hypo-allergenic.

The original sized doll is about 21" tall.  Preemie baby clothes fit them perfectly and Newborn clothing fit them very loosely, which I think looks very cute on them. 

I've added a new sized doll this year, the Lil Kids, which are 16" tall. They're just like the original dolls, only smaller and just perfect for little kids! You can find them on the Lil Thelma page as well as Lil Wiggies page. They come with both yarn hairdo's and wigs (lil Wiggies :o)

Each doll has my signature on their bottoms and the original 21" dolls come with a 
"Creation Certificate" with the name, meaning of the name and the date the doll was finished.  Please page down to see a copy of a certificate.

The fun part for me is when the finished kid is ready to dress. I make many of the doll clothes myself, some are purchased newborn or preemie clothing and some are baby clothes I've remade to fit the dolls. Each doll comes with some type of accessory, such as shoes, a blankie, pacifier, etc...The thumb and pacifier suckers are attached with velcro so the clothing can be changed easily. 

Each doll takes appx 12-15 hours to complete.
It truly is a labor of love creating Karens Kids. I'm always amazed at how I can use the same pattern for every doll, but no two of them look exactly the same. They truly do have their own little personalities!

If you are purchasing one of the kids, I hope you will love her/him as much as I've loved creating them.
I make many type of kids.. This particular kid was a Special Angel Kid who has a shunt, shunt tube and a scar next to belly button.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:
karen @ karenskottage.org
karen @ karenskids.net
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