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On this page you'll find websites regarding link popularity, keyword placement and more..They have quite a bit of useful information... 
I hope you find something helpful among them. 

I've added quite a few interesting craft, gift and art websites. Please use the Navigation above to visit as many as you like. 
I've recently revamped my entire resource pages. 
If you want to check to see if your link is listed on this site, use the google bar below...but remember.. it's a great tool, but you have to enter the title of your site exactly how it's listed with your link. For instance, if I was checking for my site, I would enter Karens Kottage, not www.karenskottage.org

At this time, I'm only exchanging links with quality craft, doll, candle, gift and art websites that have a QUALITY link program. This means links you add yourself to pages that have been set up for actual viewing, not just set up for search engine spiders to crawl, or worse, by a linking program that adds so many links, no one will ever find it!.. 
I will only be adding text links from now on because I'm running out of room! If you're interested in an exchange, email me at karen@karenskottage.org but please remember, only quality sites with quality resource programs. 
Gambling, pharmaceutical, hate or anything that isn't family friendly will never be added, so please don't write and ask.  

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Page down to find a list of Resource Exchange programs and some very informative sites to help you with your website. 

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